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Happy 16th Grammy

// October 15th, 2009 // Comments Off // Gossip

It is always better to celebrate the goldon oldies before
they die, so today I will mention Grammy, as she is 16
years old today.

Grem, Gremlin, Ra Ra, or in fits of exasperation – you senile old
cow – came to us as an 8 week old pup, on breeding terms and to make
up a 4 dog racing team. She came 6 months after Brit, and they
shared an uneasy relationship throughout their lives together, I
wonder if Grammy is carrying on so well now, just to spite Brit who
died 2 years ago.

Sadly she couldn’t be bred from as she had heriditary cataracts,
however due to those plans going awry, we did go on to become
breeders (small time). She was from a repeat mating that was chalk
and cheese from the first litter, and her pedigree brought together
two of the most well respected kennels in the breed, Zoox & Forstal.
She taught us a lot in her ability to work, being clearly focused and
forward driving. Evan today on a walk, she treats it as a route march,                                                                                                                                                                              although with no real power left in the pulling.  Only last Sunday she                                                                                                                                                                                   steadily walked the 2 mile trail before the rally took place.

She managed a BPIB at Champ show level and a RCC, although a fidget
to show, we didn’t particulary have her out as a veteran as we had
other oldies who enjoyed showing more.

She worked well in harness until about 10 but has a degenerative
shoulder illness that meant we must walk her on a harness and stop
running her, she missed it at first, but soon adapted.

She has always been a most easy going girl to live with, loves pups,
respected her elders (just hated Brit), eats well, time has just
flown since she was a pup spending her first christmas away in a
hotel with us.

A couple of years ago she went deaf, so parts of her life are now a
surprise – dinner, and walks especially. She copes with the other 9
dogs by ‘raring’ loudly if they come too near her and she thinks they
may knock her. As she can’t hear herself she can be noisy (like
Sammy the Sealion) although a friends small daughter thinks she is
saying ‘help me’ ‘help me’

A while back she bagan suffering slightly more with her shoulders,
however cod liver oil plus glucosamine every day and metacam every
other day seems to keep her moving well.

She has had a nice birthday at home, with a little play with the two 12                                                                                                                                                                                     week old pups who she adores

She is the oldest dog we have ever had, and long may she continue

Telephone Troubles

// July 15th, 2004 // Comments Off // Gossip

A couple of weeks ago we started to get nuisance hang up calls, most likely computer generated, and really irritating. We put a block on our phone to stop people ringing whose number is withheld, this only stopped Yricka who wanted to discuss bib numbers & Tesco’s to tell me my glasses were fixed!

A number of phone calls later here are two numbers that might help others in this situation.

0845 0700707 Register with this number to stop unwanted sales calls.

We did this years ago and it really works, we checked we were still registered, we were, our problem was that the calls to us left no number to complain about. I was then given this number :-

0844 3722325 this blocks silent calls for 1 year… day peace from the phone reigned supreme. Happy us.