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// August 17th, 2009 // Comments Off // Puppies

The pups have come downstairs for the first time to meet the big dogs.  They are in a puppy pen with Mobo, and Mobs is being an extremely protective Mum.  First they met Juno, Toni & Grammy. 

Juno is in love she has longed to see the pups for 4 weeks now.  Mobo keeps glaring at her so she hides her face, then sneaks closer and closer to try and touch her nose on a pup.

Grammy is pleased to see them and ha wagged her tail at them.

Toni can’t see what all the fuss is about and there is a large pen to bump into now

Then Patsy was let in, she thought they were great (typical Granny attitude) but possible wants to play too wildly

Razbag was surprisingly good.

Indy was fascinated, especially with the grey girl

Booker was petrified and sat on the settee shaking, she then calmed down and had a small sniff of them

The pups took it all in their stride, sniffed, played and then fell asleep


// August 12th, 2009 // Comments Off // Puppies

As ever with pups life is a series of firsts.

This week they have had their first taste of real food.  We have let them have a try of chicken wings and also mince.  At this age they are just interested in something in their mouth and it is a case of letting them have food for a while and then letting in Mum to hoover up.  We are in no rush to wean, the pups are just ready for a new experience.

Another first was the intoduction of toys. So far the favourite is the raggy, followed by the soft ring.  The octopus is quite frankly scarey – although Mobo loves it dearly, and the giggle ball is yet to make an appearance.

Pictures are available of toys and feeding.

The final first is we had the first escape from the whelping box….well done to the white girl!


// August 10th, 2009 // Comments Off // Showing

For the second Monday in a row we had a wet day out at a Champ Show as the annual trip to Bournemouth took place.  I had only entered Indy & Julie Baldwin had an entry of  68 for her second appointment.  We got a third in PG, although Julie and I were nearly crying with laughter at our abysmal attempt at handling between us, matched only in entertainment value by the most appalling display of bad ring etiquette, from a relative newcomer to showing, that I have possibly ever experienced – ho hum.

Best part of the Show was buying fab puppy toys, which will no doubt make an appearance in future puppy pictures – pups are now three weeks old and their latest pinups are available via the flickr link on the site

Puppy Worming

// August 6th, 2009 // Comments Off // Puppies

The pups were wormed on Tuesday morning, with strawberry flavour drontal.  They weigh between 1.5kg (grey girl) and just under 2kg (white girl) Pups faces are so confused when you syringe in the wormer and the blow pretty pink bubbles and dribble pink down their fronts.  They all coped well with it though.  Nail cutting will be the next big adventure.


// August 2nd, 2009 // Comments Off // Puppies

The mobile litter are now two weeks old.  All their eyes are open and they are getting stronger every day, they are moving about well and are beginning to play with each other and practice different noises.

Mobs is a great mother, she keeps the box and her pups spick & span and is obviously very pleased with her off spring.

Photo’s of them are being added today, before I pop off down to Somerset for a yummy roast and some Pimms…blow that diet Mr Chairman.  Then tomorrow Indy & I will be at Paignton, supporting Nigel Richards in his first appointment giving tickets in Sibes (69)

Mary has some lovely shots of the pups half brothers & sisters on her blog they are a couple of weeks older


// July 28th, 2009 // Comments Off // Puppies

As you can see from the photo’s and the link to flickr we currently have a litter of puppies.  They are from Mobo and out of Mary Davidsons stunning new import Nemo.  They were born on Sunday 19 July in the early hours, we have three girls and one boy. 

Today one of the girls eyes is beginning to open, love the way they gaze and then focus at you.  Mobs is being a very good Mum, just hope they aren’t as noisey as she and her siblings can be.  The pups have more than doubled their birth weights and are now beginning to get up on their legs.

Mobo will soon have her own page on the site, and Nemo can be found here