Information about Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies, whilst probably the most beautiful breed in the world, certainly aren’t suitable for the majority of people to own!

Snow dogs hasn’t helped this nor various other films and of course TV. Macho Men want to own them, people who covert Wolves want them and a whole assortment of people in between. Are they good with children people ask? Well yes, but are your children good with dogs is more the case in question. Can your children keep doors shut, keep pets separated, keep possibly fatal toys out of the dogs way?

 Are you prepared to always exercise them on a lead, every day? Can you cope with their Spitz learning behaviour? They can easily learn to ‘sit’ but in typically Spitz fashion, once the command is mastered they constantly ask ‘why’ should they repeat the behaviour. This is why naive owners think they have an early recall, they don’t, sooner or later along comes the ‘why’ and off goes the dog.

They climb out, they dig out, they eat small furry creatures.

Are you prepared for your house and garden to be turned into Fort Knox? 6 foot fences minimum, possibly with an overhang. Foundations sunk deeply into the ground so they can’t dig under. A lawn full of excavations, no flowers, stripped shrubs. Door set ups in the house changed, window openings reconsidered, baby gates in place. Possibly the sighting of a large cage. A new regime for the resident cat, rabbit, bird and a new level of neighbourliness when the local cats start disappearing.

They can be noisy, destructive, and depressed if kept unsuitably for their temperaments, their energy levels and their mental stimulation.

Fundamentally they are pack animals that were bred to run. They do not always adapt to being kept as an only dog and if subjected to long periods by themselves all the breeds worst traits are likely to surface. Walls, wallpaper, settees, chairs, tables, carpet, plants, cd cases, video’s, post, stairs, lamps, anything chewable and a whole lot that is not, will be trashed. Noise levels can be acute.

If you want this beautiful breed, consider greatly what you can offer them, are you prepared to work them? Running in harness is an exhilarating experience that benefits both you and the dogs, after all it is what they were bred to do!

If you are suitable to own one, this too has its problems as they are then addictive, one never being enough, leading to them becoming expensive, continuing on to becoming time consuming and all engrossing.

Because of their pack nature two will always be better than one…although another breed as a companion is fine by them. Once there is two and you start working them a number of new thoughts occur, in no particular order : Three would pull me more easily then two : And four even easier : They don’t take up too much space : If you’re walking two you may as well walk a couple more : We could both run a team : Everyone else has a van full : I’ve always wanted one of ….. puppies :

Once you give in to these thoughts the inevitable happens, and they slowly take over your house, your bank balance & your life

However we now know the greatest set of people through owning the breed, friends we can really have a laugh with.

We have friends all over the Country that we stay away with, a good healthy day in the forest and a fun night in the bar. We see some of the most beautiful countryside in the United Kingdom, places off the beaten track at times, and all this through owning this unique breed.